Orchestra director

Algimantas Treikauskas

Algimantas Treikauskas – flutist, associate professor, head of the Kaunas City Symphony Orchestra. Algimantas Treikauskas initiated the establishment of the Kaunas City Symphony Orchestra. The successful operation of the Kaunas Chamber Orchestra led by him made it possible to establish the Symphony Orchestrain the autumn of 2004. This was a striking quality change of musical life in Kaunas, reflecting the entire cultural life of Lithuania.

Algimantas Treikauskas coordinates and leads all the artistic programs of the Orchestra. The Kaunas City Symphony Orchestra performs and participates in over 60 concert programs, artistic and educational projects each year. Algimantas Treikauskas invites famous professional musicians to conduct the Orchestra. He also makes Kaunas known as the city of classical music. Besides, Algimantas Treikauskas is passionate about spreading classical music across Lithuania and other countries, where Kaunas City Symphony Orchestra is performing in.

More over Algimantas Treikauskas participates in commissions and expert activities at various national and international contests. He was a member of juries at the International Young Performers Competition „Kaunas Sonorum“, International Youth Music Festival, International Aram Khchaturian Conductors Competition. Every year, he is a member of the Evaluation Commission of the International Classical Music Festival “Ford Cadenza” Competition. Algimantas Treikauskas received an award “Nešk savo šviesą ir tikėk” (“Give Your Light and Believe”), which is given by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania. He was awarded the Santaka honour sign for merits to Kaunas, the medal of Kaunas City Burgomaster Jonas Vileišis. In 2008, A. Treikauskas was nominated for the Person of the Year in Kaunas.